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We are a group of politically minded volunteers who hail from the State of New Jersey. Because of our values, we choose to vocally support the Republican Party by sharing our time and our passion for the political process. As Young Republicans, we choose to be involved in Local, County, State, and National politics. We are dedicated to these ideals and work to ensure the strength of the party into the future.

We'd like to take this opportunity to invite you, the visitor to this site, to support us and the GOP in New Jersey.

Please take the time to explore our site - Take a look at our comments, postings, blogs, and links. We invite you to get involved. Politics can be fun - this is where it starts!

Executive Board Officers:

Matthew Filosa, Old Bridge

First Vice Chairman:
John Steiner, East Brunswick

Second Vice Chairman:
Thomas Connolly, Cranbury

Stephanie Bartfalvi, South Plainfield

Glenn D'Antuono, Old Bridge

State Committeewoman:
Ashley Little, North Brunswick

State Committeeman:
Christopher Canarelli, Sayreville

Immediate Past Chairman:
Antonia Kulberda, South Brunswick